Thursday, 9 June 2011

what tips?

er well..this took me like ages, contemplating whether or not to write..coz im not an expert anyway..

dont write=selfish coz didnt share

write=show off, as if a know-all




so obviously now im writing,as you can see..for the benefit of those who care to read/know..*sigh* #shameless


so it’ll be all about this evil BB cream, which seemed to be the fav of many asian stars as it claims to have multiple functions in one bottle, i.e. foundation/coverage, blemish balm (which,was the main character of this product), whitening+UV, anti-aging and more, depends on the brand/product..some even have the gemstones’ extract =_____=”


i have been putting make up since secondary school,for performances. and as many other vain girls, i once used this product too, tho i didnt ‘embrace’ it/ ‘worship’ it. i thought i’d love it as i was always on the go, moving from work to gatherings or running errands and was just convenient..

so one day i find myself having weird ‘glow’ (more like ghostly, get it?), not that kind of ‘glow’ we girls wanna have, you see..and when i go under the sun, somehow i can clearly see the layer of BB cream above my skin, like elevated..=.=”


i didnt think much, but i stopped using it anyway. i dont usually put foundation as i think it is too clogging for my skin and troublesome to maintain..i dont use lipstick too as i deem it too thick/bold for lip colour.. but i love my fake lashes, tinted lip balm, tinted moisturiser, and blush.. and i changed to put on masks more frequently, and make sure i use appropriate product for my skin based on skin type and the functions i want, separating day (UV based) and night products (as the skin works differently at different times)..


then one day, i saw this video:


basically it says,

  1. as the word ‘greed’ tells, there just cant be that many elements in one product, and very often,to reach that goal, it could involves other ways of production that harm the skin.
  2. it could well covers, but will never nourishes the skin. = not nutritious for skin
  3. many of us wanted the ‘glow’ on our skin, so manufacturers also includes the fluorescent elements in the BB cream, which, if you go under the night club’s light/flash, you actually see the ghostly-lit face.

with logical consideration, i think this is very i ditched my BB cream.


case 1: not long ago, a friend asked me about it. i said, you can try other stuff but never the BB cream( due to the reason above). and soon another friend of ours also commented that it is true that BB cream is not trustworthy.

[for stage performances, i still recommend the foundation, as the light is too harsh, but remember to let skin rest and recover from make up,always, or your bare face/skin would collapse]

case 2: alright this is very embarrassing..i actually saw a photo, and felt something is not the very kepoh (nosy) me went and asked my friend whether she used BB cream, and true enough, she suspects that the bad breakouts was caused by it (she has just opened that bottle of BB cream), so the even more kepoh (nosy) me went on and explained to her. (good thing must share, right? =_=)


so now you know how evil it is..


as i’ve always said, the skin is more important than the make up, nourish it instead of covering it..(also dont need to scare the BF away after wiping the make up off..LOL..)


so, do you find it beneficial? need more?(and about what if you do)

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