Thursday, 9 June 2011

借りぐらしのアリエツチイ Karigurashi no Arrietty

ah! just a quick post and i just have to blog about this!

im just done with this movie, the Borrower Arrietty by Studio Ghibli.

if you dont know what it is yet, see this:



it’s about this mini mini girl named Arrietty from the mini mini family in the mini mini world..mykna1

mykna3story_5  myknaaddstory_2 mykna2story_4

i watched the french version so i dont really get the details, but i get the story line in general, and the art? needless to say..always so enchanting! exhilirating!

pictures from the movie’s site.

so it says that there is the mini world within us, and this movie is about this particular family under a house, and how they survived by ‘borrowing’ imagine a piece of biscuit can be turned into a pack of flour for them, a cube of sugar to be crushed(which is ‘featured’ alot in this movie, symbolic?) and drinking drops of water..and etc..

so one day the ‘giant’ boy discovered them but he was nice to them. all is well until the dumb maid tried to get rid of them =__=x tho the boy tried to protect them with his frail body..

so in the end they had to move, understanding that it was two different worlds, and they better learn how to make use of the nature’s stuff instead of borrowing..but i think Arrietty kinda accepted the other boy from the mini world.. ah ok scrap that.


all in all, it described quite a big part of our fantasy about the possible existence of another world, or happenings (other than the animal kingdom) always.. is calling.


p/s: hey, i think i can be a part of this mini mini world, you know, since im this smaaaaall.. get it?????

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