Friday, 3 June 2011

Vain post!

made this out of plain vanity:


Captured Videos10

*click the picture to see more vanity* =__=”

and also this:


the whole point of a vain post..=__=” no?

scared i look old-fashioned and overdone..i was in my Form5 Prom dress alright..

used double layer of fake eye lashes (the face shop XNS, criss-crossed medium, and another cheap jap brand long straight dramatic lashes) and found the face shop XNS was not so effective in pushing it..

i still love my KissMe Natural Long and another US brand of Thick Criss-crossed..


tried using lighting this time and felt so…..artificial..=_____=x


ANYWAY, more vanity:

found the ways of wearing a white round-necked long top (passed on from my younger cousin sister)


*click the picture to see more vanity too* =__=”


the first combination was actually an ‘accident’..and finally created the recent trend of high-waisted, shirt-in look..and then i thought i can do more, so apart from that office look, there’s also the smart-casual for tea and denim-ified sunny outing look..


alright. enough of vanity.

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