Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Heavy Duty Post

i have no idea what to name this culture (or maybe i didnt know deep enough), but i kinda adapted to it since my uni days, when i need to wait for someone, a bus or train and etc.

it is like a combination of alfresco and people watching..(eh wait, im not a stalker ok..)

alright lemme tell you all about it..

it’s kinda philosophical..hence this post is heavy duty (HAHA warned ya)

usually i’d pick a cafe (or mamak =__=) and order something,drinks or snacks if the time permits, then get my book or magazine out, and i’ll start by enjoying the food/drink, and book/magz..i mean really enjoy the stuff on hand..

and very often, i’ll also observe the surrounding and people..guessing their stories..(ha! philosophical now! no?)

and at times, inspiration strikes..and you’ve just got a lesson in life..

and here’s what i had last night at the train station:


roti canai and hot milo..LOL they only have this when i arrived..yea the bottle is mine..


pictures of the KTM stations, including the Majestic..


waiting for the arrival..i was so used to it..i mean, travelling with public transport..beat me in that..


the interior of the cafe in the Majestic..


some people hate the ‘alone time’ and feel depressed just thinking about it..

i’d just ditch that..and take it as a chance to enjoy ‘discovering the world and myself’..




p/s: so do you spend your ‘alone time’ sulking or stuff it full to the brim with plans?

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