Wednesday, 1 June 2011

CLEAR Women’s anti-hair fall with Nutrium 10

it is true when we say , ‘it never ends’..#girlsendlesswoes

any ‘problem’ could pop up anytime..

and this time, im stuck with itchy scalp and hair fall problems due to the weather and late nights..ok i promise, no more late night dramas (=_= the soap kinda drama alright)..what? ’d you think i’d be so hardworking?

anyway, that is just the start of the problem..(and common too, no?)

when i’ve reached Watsons, the other problem began.. ‘which one?’..

and something caught my eye..


CLEAR Women’s Anti Hair Fall with Nutrium 10

i realised it has the ‘his & her’ difference..

you know how they always say that the men and women’s problems have to be treated differently? (hormone and sort) so i picked up an anti hair fall’s and read that it treats dandruff, dryness and itchiness, aside from hair fall..

yup..suits me..

the results?

the first wash doesnt show much but from second wash onwards, hair fall and itchiness has greatly reduced..

so glad i dont have to bear with itchy scalp and falling hair anymore!



i think pimples are popping up on the forehead..oh damn the late night dramas..

think i have to get something to treat it asap..*sigh* #girlsendlesswoes never really ends..

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