Monday, 23 May 2011

knock knock..

well just in case i wander off without writing anything AGAIN..

(the same happened to my photoshoot idea, which i’ve STILL done nothing yet, but it’s not like it’s important anyway *cough*)


i have been so sick i only remember lying on bed, dragging myself to work and how i suffered through it..=_=

i dont even bother to touch my laptop.. (news!)


anyway, once im better, Pirates of the Caribbean it is..

and i was so awed by the mermaid this:


and my favourite:


Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey! pretty naturally


ah..the cough is catching up just wont give up..*sigh* made me vomit out my lunch yesterday after i came home from movie =_=

i better use this remaining time to research for remedies to kill it..before the night reaches and i have to cough my lungs out til dawn..

frankly, til i have better idea of what to blog about..=_=


ByteSurfer said...

Hope that you will be alright soon ....
Must be a nice movie huh

ViViEnNe said...

yes not bad! thanks! =)