Monday, 9 May 2011

Checking in.


things are finally,erm,looking up (i think), so,yay. Please continue to bless me for all that are coming. *pray hard*


so what’s with Foursquare?

ONE wrong click and i got comments saying/asking how on earth did i go from Ipoh to Penang in such a short time. =_=”


blame Foursquare and Old Town White Coffee having branches in the whole nation.



nah. I’m just joking. I forgot to check the details of the match Foursquare gave.



wait. YOU decided where I was for ME?? *jaw drops*



*forehead rests on hand* now i know why.


speaking of which, recently i was trying to, you know, get into the ‘checking-in’ and ‘attaining mayorship’ trend.

like, we were there in a hotpot restaurant for mothers’ day early celebration on saturday and sort.


but. unfortunately it didnt work for me.

either people were there and it was too rude/busy to take out the phone and check in during important gatherings,

or that place was just too inappropriate (for any reasons, mainly about disclosing the company/people’s whereabouts too much) to check in.


but one thing it sure did well.

whenever there are major events, and all check in at the same place around the same time, it gives that kind of ‘wave’ of social media ads like Twitter Trends#. (yea imagine the #Bieliebers.)


oh wait. another one. you can ‘bump’ into your friends and say ‘Hi!’ as you scroll through your Foursquare page. but watch out the steps. =p


OK. *serious face* use it wisely. like, i let relevant people know where i am when i’m out somewhere far, just in case i got kidnapped (whether or not because of Foursquare). =_= #ultracontradiction


oh wait, i almost forgot!


Just checked in @,

Angel Academy, Cosmic Tower 2, Cosmic Space A~bove.


there. did it.

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