Monday, 30 May 2011

the addiction..

ok i think the prophecy has it that i will definitely spend in a book fair.. and here’s the proof..



luckily the novels cost RM5 each and the CLEO is RM5.80 (now why do i remember it being RM5.60??)

couldnt help when they are throwing out the slightly damaged books to the RM5 pile and the addiction revived =_____=

this is the book fair, dont even mention about the NovelHut second hand bookstore im telling you..

(the truth is, i still have 8 books in a pile beside my table,waiting to be read=_____= see that now?)

and for bonus, i got a red bomb from a classmate from primary school.. not to forget, cousin’s wedding too..

*sigh* i know..OLD..dont mention so going to buy that Hada Labo lotion soon..and of course with alot of other ‘necessities’ about the ‘addiction’..=.=

ok, now did i just revived my blog?

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