Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Magic Mask!!

[alright, let’s see how many people click this. but anyway]


ah, i told ya’ll to take note of the picture,no?

i know 100Yen shop and some other shops (beauty shops) sells the plain mask sheets (without any serums or stuff,so you can dip/saturate it in your favourite ‘elixir’) and i even saw plain eye mask sheets..

but after reading Tey Cindy’s post on this cute thing in the picture (also available in SaSa but possibly different brand or sort, and mine was heart shape!! <3<3) , i was eager to try this tho i didnt actually/specifically decided to go out and buy this.




oh,and here’s what i used:


Ok the story is, my bottle of Vichy Eau Thermale has a faulty nozzle that will literally splurt out alot of the ‘elixir’ once i press the nozzle (aside from the regular spraying) so i had a hard time to decide whether to waste it all at one use or just let it rot in my pink basket..

so instead of thinking how to crack open the bottle to fill that oval space as shown in the picture, i just press the nozzle once and let it does its work to ‘splurt’ out enough for the oval space, to do this:



wait..wait..wait for it..




annnnnd here it is:


ROFL!! XD  eeeeeeeeee~~~~~ isnt it fun??!!


and carefully opened it and spread it on my face,letting it absorb the Eau Thermale..

and felt so refreshing after it!! =D


you can also pick from your favourite ‘elixir’ like toners (yea i heard people do that before) or spring water or you know,water based stuff..




*sigh* i have to resist myself from finishing all these uber cute tablets at one go!!!!! >u<

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