Thursday, 7 April 2011


one of my babes came!

jeng jeng!


(stole from her FB HAHAHAHAHA coz accidentally deleted the one in my phone =.=)


and i welcomed her with these outfits LOL..2011random


what do you think about ‘em? (that poor necklace broke while we visit the train station! sad max! > __ < )


alright anyway, she came with her grandma so i treated them the salt-roasted chicken (yea that’d be more exact) nice?=D


we then went to the train station at the old town area..which is basically where you see the colonial are still with her


then after a failed attempt to get another salt-roasted chicken for her grandma to bring home,(sorry!) we sent her off at the bus station before we continued to the famous snack place under a big tree – it’s the soya skin-wrapped turnip snacks that goes with the noodles..but we only take the snacks as we’re still quite full..this is a specialty in this place and it is so crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside..yum! =D (right babe?)


we then went to Jusco and De Garden, girls being girls, we bought some stuff..haha..


and then a missed turning led me to bring her to Tanjung Rambutan and Tambun for more sight-seeing


and well, i dont know what happened but, we didnt manage to ride a horse..yaiks.. [according to her, Ipoh has alot of private hospitals, Public Bank, and Horses! ROFL XD ]


and we went home to bath and prepare for the focus of the night-

the Bean Sprout and Chicken!! and that was so yummy and we were stuffed! (coz we had half a chicken,i think..and a plate of bean sprout and also the pork balls) think you have to bare with the staff’s proud attitude eating there tho..people famous mah!=_=x


another round of shopping at the local specialties shop follows, then.

and thanks to me! she saved money from buying irrelevant stuff LOL..XD (am i not good??)


and when we’re home, the true girl's’ night started! what do you expect? it’s chic-lit (Sophie Kinsella’s Mini Shopaholic) + chic-lit movie (The Ugly Truth) + gossips! nyahahahahaha!


morning started off quite late and we went to the Lost World of Tambun..and i’ll tell you,that they have..


so we went around searching for dry activities coz didnt wanna get wet and sunburned..

ended up we had a mini cave (yup another specialty of Ipoh),Petting Zoo, Hot Spring (starting to sound like all-in-one right?) alright another mini Zoo, excluded the pools, and expedition trails(have to pay more for this!)

for’s alright i guess? but fill your stomach first before going in.


then to Ipoh Parade we went and hunted for some cheap stuff. ended up me getting a New Headway Beginner’s Student’s Book and Teacher’s Book (and another activity book)..who with a sane mind would sell such precious material to a second hand bookstore?! =_= but still i got always have to diggggg to find treasures in the second hand shop, no?


and off we go to get the egg tarts at old town but..ah..sold out..=_= so got her the chicken puff..(sorry again!)


and we said goodbye =(


sorry im a not-so-good host!! =( the next time you pass by tell me earlier and i’ll get you the salt-roasted chicken and bean sprout!


jeannie said...

You! How dare u show off this to us! As a punishment, this May u must come to KL and gather with us. Hehe.

ViViEnNe said...