Friday, 8 April 2011



yesterday i was going through some stuff in a small shop in Ipoh Parade with Sarah..if it wasnt for we’re not sure of the genuineness of the stuff there i think it can be considered on par with SaSa..imagine the beauty tools you can find there..with cheap prices!

and we were looking at the curling tools there..and ah, as always, the #girlsdilemma is about curled versus straightened..

you know how you always miss your feminine and voluminous curly hair when you’ve just straightened your hair, and then only miss your fuss-free straight hair when you just done curling your hair?

NEVER ENDING!! =_____=



i was thinking of getting this:


close up:



im now thinking of TEMPORARILY curling my hair..(must emphasise ‘temporarily’ =_= coz i still love my FUSS-FREE straight hair, and you can always re-style any kind of curls you want, note: any kind.

this thing is good coz it is

1. temporary(note: love my straight hair=_=)

2. can control the size of the curls by pulling out the ‘pins’

3. not as damaging as a curling thong (the heat, like straightening iron, can damage the ends like,alot!)

4. not as time consuming as the rollers (now they have plastics ones, velcro ones, and sponge ones for you to sleep with =_= Sarah wanted to get the strawberry shaped one =p)


you just need to spray curling mist before and after tugging this thing in,then blow dry..wooooosh! =D


see la! isnt this called 犯贱 (cantonese,mandarin, can be substituted with “you’ve seriously nothing better to do/think,dont you”)

coz i just straightened my hair last december (plus it’s the the good and expensive one) ! and now it is only april! *stare*


#girlsdilemma  4eva  HAHAHAHAHA. =_____=x


Sandra - If it comes in pink said...

Wow, that's cool, I haven't seen one like that before :)

ViViEnNe said...

really? i think it'd be kinda fun to use..=)

reeyau said...

how do u use that? if it tangles up in my hair, it'll be a nightmare to take it out! i saw online a new kind of hair curler where the curler rotates by itself. its true. they never end.

ViViEnNe said...

yet! im only gonna buy after my hair is..erm..'neutral' from straightening..which could be end of this year LOL..but i think you have to put alot of detangling products and heat protectant before doing anything with heat and curls..i'd assume most would tangle a little..

ViViEnNe said...

oh wait,the instruction, prep your hair,then actually insert a section of hair,twist (so that it goes round the 'comb'),spray to set the curls,and blow dry. can spray again after that i guess.