Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Steal!! RM5


well, was out with god sis with the intention to bring her around the new De Garden’s Ladies’ Street..ended up we spent the longest hour (if im not mistaken,yes,hour, or if we may, hourS..) in just one shop..Tokutokuya..

it is similar to 100Yen with product prices around RM5 and sells whacky jap tools which you would be amazed at how they come about such idea to help the mankind or sort..we she practically had fun in the shop exploring all the stuff =.=” (it has been my love long before this so im not new to it alright =p )


here’s mine:


the case was for mum since hers was broken..and the ‘very angry’ Angry Bird (from another shop) as a gift  XD


oh and take note of this, will explain in the next post =p :




ahhhh..and these were hers..



the shoe storing device..



the prevent-cutting-your-finger-when-you-cut-vegetable thingy..(see how cool is that now?)


and her..erm..seal..for bath time..=.=




also saw alot of other weird but cool stuff in the shop but didnt buy coz we didnt need it..but say the next time when we’re looking for stuff, we know where to look into..=D


oh and if you’re in Jusco Kinta City, do catch the SUB sales at 70%!


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