Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Farewell, our kindergarten../さよならばくたちのようちえん。。

  for those of you who like tear-inducing movies, here’s a jap movie i recommend



these are the five kids on a mission to see their beloved friend who was very ill in a far-end hospital before their kindergarten graduation ceremony..fearing that their friend is gonna leave them forever and also not able to join the memorable occasion/ceremony..



and during the not-so-long trip on the train 電車 (which, is pretty convenient over there,and yes they ran away from the kindergarten compound), one by one left the mission accidentally somehow and found by the officials who contacted their teachers and parents..and viewers will get to know their own little stories and characters as the trip goes..



*click picture to enlarge* the relationship chart of the characters, the kids and their teacher..




apparently she’s suppose to be quite famous 0_0 and quite pretty too!


they are soooo cute!! (T_T)// and definitely tear-inducing!! confirm!!

and yes they get to see their little friend..i guess he went through the operation and should be OK..the scene in the hospital is the most touching one..T_T


alright, go catch it..


p/s: any of you gonna catch the English Royal Wedding Live??

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