Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The sweet,and not so sweet things..


that explains it all..=p


anyway, curse my Stupid ‘Smart’ Phone! gonna ditch it as soon as im able to! cleaned everything and still the system clash =_= have to find the lock code and do master reset every time now. urgh!! *tangled wires above head*


but all these are compensated by a nice Japanese Hot Pot @ Oh Sushi!! savoury and spicy broth it was! and satisfied my cravings for sushi tho only Kappa Maki 河童巻 ^u^

doesnt a nice meal and a nice company sounds superb after some hard work? =D


and i got myself these.. bwahahahaha!! to release my stress XD (as if)



well.. hope everything goes right and goes well

grrrr!! ~ <3<3

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