Thursday, 3 March 2011

So you did it..

So you did it..

and im damn pissed off..

it is totally another issue showing off/flaunting, whether you ‘have it or not’..coz it is just about choosing to embarrass oneself..

but it is one hell of an issue for being proud by not obeying rules and being inconsiderate..

why?? coz the pair of stupid aunties in front of me just parked their car at the designated parking space for the disabled..and happily came in to have their McDs.

[i am here coz my housing area is under maintenance for the electricity.]

i was eye-examining them,seeing whether they are crippled,dumb,mute,or amputated and whatnots. NO.

dont tell me: there are no disabled people here wad?


so what if a real disabled came and was searching for the space?you immediately go out and move your car? i doubt so!!!!!

same as those ‘thick-face’ people i talked about with my friend the other night. he said: their skin is thicker than the truck’s/trailer’s tyres!

just because you want those ‘benefits’ you do something as shameless as that!


1. some stuff that you clearly know (and the staff knows too!) you’re way over the insured or ‘claim’/ ‘exchange’ period and you went over to make a big scene out of it just to get what you wished for,without paying anything. then proudly tell people your ‘thick-face skill’.

2. violate the rules (especially on the road) and proudly tell people you can do that,and not get caught.


1. you think you’re so clever in claiming your ‘benefits’/ ‘rights’? then let others do the same to you (especially if you’re doing business too!) let’s wait and see who will help you when you’re in a real poor state! sendiri yang cari pasal je..

2. the rules have their own reason to be there! if you violate people’s rules then wait and see when people will violate yours! especially those who uses phones without handsfree while driving. tu lah pasal accident kat jalan! siapa yang susah nanti??

the most recent news on the summons deadline is the same.

and also saw a comment on The Star Newspaper: gave you 6 MONTHS to pay your summons and only went over to the hellish,crowded counters on the last day trying to pay,and when the system is down due to the heavy traffic (caused by YOU YOURSELF!!), and you DARE to complain about the ineffectiveness of the authorities!!

i saw with my own eyes, the uncle said loudly: of coz it is down la..use such an old useless system.. useless.. (when,apparently when i went to the counter to register as a voter-yes finally-the computer wasnt even an old one! it was a new flat-screened one! what?you want a glass/ touch screen one??!!)

and i even saw so many with a THICK stack of summons! and you wonder why they are still on the road!! dont follow rules and cause accidents,and then the blaming game starts. so whose fault is it now? (even the rasuah thing is what you started ok. cant you just pay your summons and learn the lesson??!!)

and now you wonder why some say: first class facilities,third class mind set. and you still dare to blame that on others.

never mind that. the karma goes around.

so may god/buddha bless you!!

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