Sunday, 27 February 2011


yes. my world is filled with dilemma for NOW. to be exact,kinda full to the brim with it. T__T

here,lemme show you.

dilemma 1:

[every now and then] im super sleepy but i also feel like blogging. so how?blog or not? DILEMMA! (but yes the answer here is obvious and yes,once again im blogging while im in a sleepy mode *hand covers eyes*)

dilemma 2:

in the event that i DO blog,what should i blog?seems like i have nothing to blog. but alright maybe i will blog about blog or not? if not good then HOW?? DILEMMA!! (and the answer is obvious here as well=__=” )

dilemma 3:

this is one tough question. seriously. career line, A,B or C? (look! THREE!!) i like to do A but it doesnt give me protection/much ‘benefits’. i can do B but i dont really like B coz it can kill me,literally. i now have a C which is pretty new and it’s a target and i am hoping to reach it,then i can earn $$. so HOW?? DILEMMA!! (erm im thinking B+C and attempting to reach the target..can ah??0_0)

dilemma 4:

[now you might wanna slap me on this]

THE DRESS!! BUY OR NOT??DILEMMA!! total dilemma!!



DILEMMA 5: take a nap now or continue to work on my ‘inspirations’??

ok now that’s  a total dilemma. =_____=”

i know. dont kill me.

but currently i quite enjoy the feeling of rushing adrenaline (huh?) when i have an inspiration, especially on what i love to do and want to do. just like my current fav picture shared from Miao&Wafu Pafu *link*:

like this



have been following his blog for quite a long time since uni years and like it very much!


oh yes,by the way,decided to take a nap now. T__T  *shameless*

I KNOW!! just dont kill me.

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