Saturday, 5 March 2011

call me Shrimp,Cooked Shrimp..

i wanna die now. have to resist keep scratching myself.

the culprit?



5  % and it made my skin red and swollen(with white patches on those places i didnt scratch) so yes i look like a shrimp now.a cooked shrimp. a cooked itchy shrimp.



i was so ‘obedient’ i dont go to pubs bars clubs and stuff..and my closest was shandy coz i cant tolerate the taste and smell of alcohol..

and last night coz an old friend came back from singapore we went to a bar(not even a pub or club with dance pool,just jazz band/singers)

and then i kena this.=_=

i swear to you i really did not want to order alcohol in the first is that they dont have non-alcoholic drinks anymore (yes wtf)

ok fine i promise i’ll steer clear of it. FOREVER!

so now you all dont have a reason to stuff me with alcohol even on special occasions. yes.

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