Monday, 7 March 2011

New Loves..


once again,with my sleepy head,this time drug-induced..=_=

due to my skin condition now,which i hope it recovers quickly..i had to change my skin care products..well, consider myself lucky coz the regular ones were running out anyway..

so,what i’ve been using since two days ago:

Sebamed cleansing bar for shower..



Eucerin White Solution,which absorbs quite fast..and dont even feel the ‘grease’ under hot weather like my regulars..hmm should consider this as regular =_=..



the now-very-famous Hada Labo, the AHA+BHA to give such smooth skin like a shelled egg..what i can say for now is, it is really irritants-free, as in no fragrance and stuff etc..and skin feels smooth from the first wash..but,we’ll see..


their most famous and hot selling  product is actually their Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion


sounds like SKII huh?

might try this and their whitening range..later! tempting..


found out more on this site:


ah okay i think that’s all from my drug induced brain and fake-freckled body..


p/s: would you all kindly please pray for me?i took option ‘A’ and i seriously need some supportive vibes to get what i really want..*sigh* please bless me..

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