Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Malaysian Hospitality?

nah…..i wasnt on a plane, i was in Jusco.

so i saw this old Japanese couple,trying to ask for the direction for some..‘food’.. the sales assistant told them the direction of the food court. but they still seem confused..=_=

then they went up with the escalator, and they asked another guard again.. and the guard told them the same thing..i doubt that’s what they were looking for..

this time,i decided to chip in and kay poh..=_=

somehow i knew they were referring to the fresh market,which would be at the ground floor..

so i told the guard to leave it to me and i’ll show them the way..

*action* =__________=”

i wanted to start speaking my Japanese! but……….i forgot how…..

arghhhhh!! *runs in frantic circles*

well i better not embarrass myself,i thought. so English it was.

so anyway i brought them to the place and YES,they were referring to the fresh market. then i left them there.

while i was picking up my own stuff i was still so worried about the old couple,i kept wanting to guide them all the way or ask them how they are feeling..

then i really met them in the fresh market. and we paid at the same counter. but the Ojisan was too busy trying to figure out yet another set of information the cashier tried to tell them he didnt notice me. anyway they settled it pretty soon. and i had to pay my stuff so i didnt even went up and ask ‘all OK?’

and when i finished paying my stuff they were nowhere to be seen =_=

i just hope they are alright..*prays hard*


you know,the hospitality and kindness is so important to tourist or newcomers..they are so..kesian..=.=

so i think,erm,be a good samaritan, but only when the situation allows.

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