Sunday, 9 January 2011

The Tour Guide..

so on friday night, i went to book the crab dish (yea no kidding here,save that for later) and went ahead to meet Ah Shing @ the hotel..

while we were catching up, i was told that they need a tour guide the next i was like: OK no prob.

and boy what a ‘tour’ it was.

so i pumped the petrol then went home and google-mapped all the routes til midnight then forced myself to sleep.

yesterday morning i woke up at 5am and did the routine. departed by 6+ to pick them up for Dim Sum. but we only head out by 7+. and damn, as an Ipohan i cant figure the route to Foh San initially. =_=” coz getting in the driver seat and sensing location/direction while walking are two different things..all things got so sorry!!

So anyway, i brought them to Foh San and we were so lucky as the up stairs’ has just opened, which means we get a table right away!

as i told Ah Shing,i settled all my cravings of the prawn noodle rolls,the prawn and scallop dumplings,and the fried prawn rolls. (same to the maggi and burger and stuff i was craving for this week. OMG what has this become.)

do you sense all those PRAWNS?? woohoo!! (and this will relate to my dinner last night!)

by 9+,we went back and checked out after the lot did crazy shots in the room..XD and you just have to praise me for my years of Paparazo-us skill to capture these:


Ah Shing!


oh that’s Bryan(Bosco!),Kimberly and Ah Te =D say Hi!


we went ahead for Perak Cave Temple (just one of the many in the mountainous Ipoh)..then one smooth route all the way there..

and what we did there was just beyond my own expectation. all of us prayed, climbed (YES.), and DINED!! we got free tea and porridge from the caretaker auntie there. so it was like, so holistic and bla bla bla LOL..(by this time my battery is 50% drained out. so, thanks to the porridge!)

[oh and Kimberly?no worries! you’ll see the path eventually! =) ]

we went along the long Jln KK to the Perak Museum, and all the way down to the Old Town area. (once again i parked so far off the spot. =_____= )

since all were not hungry yet, we stopped by the Kinta River for more shots then proceed to ease the heat @ a restaurant my bro once brought me. i was hungry by then so i ate. they all got the egg tarts as the tarts were just fresh out of the oven.

we decided to go to Ipoh Parade but we ended up jammed in search of a parking lot.=_=”

in the midst of walking Bryan(Bosco!) told me some guy was ‘admiring’ me. =_____=” i was all covered up under the air-cond,plus i had my spect on without makeup..ha..i have no idea who and why. coz if it was someone i know,i should’ve got a missed call.

anyway sent them off earlier than the designated time to settle the tickets and wait for the train earlier.

by the time i was home my braind shut off and i cleared my hand bag,the clothes plus bathed all robotic-ally. (absent-minded-ly) =__=

i practically had to pull myself up for dinner.

and thaaaaat’s when i sense what Ah Shing told me on the way to the train station.

coz when i went to the restaurant enquiring for my booked crab dish,my brain suddenly registered it as something i booked days ago when i just booked it the night before!! =__=

ah but all nice with the crab tang hoon and clams..YUM!!!!!



cost us RM50 for the crab tang hoon and RM15 for the clams..but very nice la..

after that i dropped dead on the bed. =_____=”

but then i did wake up.that’s how you see this post.


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