Sunday, 26 December 2010

“A” Gift..


i should be on bed but im dying to write this down first..

so for a special occasion for a special someone, i just have a nice suggestion..with a low cost..=D

so what you can do is,

first, check whether your printer is breathing (meaning,alive,able to print things,and i just got mine new cartridges so yea mine is very much alive)

then,print out mosaic layout photos of your selection..(so which is why you need your printer to be alive,thanks) you may use various or different kinds of software to create/edit yours but make sure you can save and print it or you will end up banging your head on the wall.

like this:


(note: make sure you put them according to your pictures’ nature-portrait or horizontal or stuff,you wouldnt want the important faces cropped off,would you?)


then,rush out to (if you havent) the nearest gift shops like S&J (i mean, preferably selling stuff at reasonable price,coz i just got shocked for some with five times the price =__=”) and pick a nice photo frame with multiple openings, by then you should have in mind how many openings or shapes or style you would want.

this is my pick:



then buy it home with some packaging.

then put the photos in and voila!

a memento!

here’s mine!!


(sorry can only show you all an ugly drawing and not it’s real picture coz i swore of secrecy LOL but i hope that’ll do)

you can categorise your photos like beach outings one piece, garden gathering one piece, so for me with that frame i would have four categories/pieces. (or however you like)

i even wrote something in that middle part, and as this frame is simple enough you can even personalise it more if you want (i mean bling or cream-cake it,or whatever.)

nice or not, nice or not?? =D


p/s: i hope the receiver is happy with this gift.

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