Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Being a (wise) shopper..

i shall defend myself here for my buys recently..

yup you heard me right..RECENTLY..



so at least i’ve been wise enough (i hope) to buy only the necessity..

erm so as you know,people,yup,people have been feeling bored near to puke (nah,im just joking) seeing me wearing the same old pieces/pair (and yup i DO mix and match see how good i am)

so i decided it’s time to HUNT down some basic pieces to give the wardrobe a lil boost..


and here they are..meet the new members to my wardrobe..=_____=”


P141210_00.01 P141210_00.03


they’re actually the white top with decorated sleeve,decorated sleeve cardigan,white decorated tank top (knitted part on the back),a short,and a black legging

yes im not kidding you i told you—BASIC PIECES,didnt i?


and yes i assure you all of them are REASONABLY PRICED!

(that’s when you fear it’s too expensive and you shouldnt buy, or you worry it’s too cheap and you doubt the quality)


and glad i did..now hunting for some sundress *pout*


p/s: how many of you actually carefully read labels of food and compare them before buying it? i DO. =D and glad i did.

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