Saturday, 1 January 2011

In the event of..


going to be robbed/mugged..


so i shared a video on my FB about those xxxxxxx cases..and here i wanna tell you all these:


i believe i wrote this long time ago: when i was nearly robbed in SL (link)

just click and read coz im so lazy just gonna go straight to the point:


ALERT – always,always be alert when you’re outside. like i said,let’s face it,at times we just had to carry handbags,but 1-dont carry when you really dont need to. (if he grumbles on you about carrying a handbag then you dont keep stuff for him anymore until you forgive him) 2-be alert but ACT like nothing by looking all around suspiciously,you’re not guilty for being suspicious,eyeing almost everyone like a potential criminal,my word.(especially motorcycles)

RUN – yes. dont hesitate to run if you have the chance (i.e, distance) dont give the xxxxxxx the chance to hold you down. never. even if they’re holding knives. FTL. i mean,not everyone knows martial arts. i’ve even forgot mine.

THROW – yes. throw whatever they’re after into a place so as 1-to give you time to run. 2- you have another chance of saving your stuff like purse. like i threw it into an old uncle’s house.

SCREAM -  yes. again dont hesitate to scream,by all means in this kind incidents. but here’s a trick- always,always REHEARSE in your mind,as in the possible events,as i said earlier,no harm to be suspicious about everyone on the street. because in most cases,the victim/survivor thought they are screaming while actually their nervousness landed them unable to scream.


then,in the worst case senario, got robbed, you have to know what you had in your purse or bag to help the police to help you yourself. plus you need to reapply stuff or cards later and you need all the info you have. oh and if you’re of age, apply a debit so you dont need to bring too much cash and you can immediately cancel the cards.


and girls,dont cry on this,be cool and calm and settle this first before you go home and cry.



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