Saturday, 11 December 2010

Bless you..

[delayed post]

im holding my sneezes and watery+sleepy eyes to write these..

(ya bless me)


so recently there’s this ‘wave’ in FB/news about this guy who committed suicide coz of a break up of a girl who didnt even appreciate him..

and until now,i didnt make any comment or stuff regarding this piece of news..

BUT,i did see two sides of responses in FB/news. one, of coz, showing sympathy and all..

but it’s the other side of the response that caught my attention and both came from my FB friends..

mainly,they’re asking people not to ‘promote’ for this guy which, in turn will promote the thought of suicide. said, he didnt die for his country in line of duty (which not many of us seem to commemorate),and not that he died while protecting his then,said,he hvnt even repay what his parents gave him all these years,and leaving behind sadness and a mess to deal with..

(this is from a friend)


and YOU think?…..

i DO feel sad for his family and friends,who’d lost a son/friend..

very very sad..i DO..

there’s just NO POINT committing suicide, if YOU are thinking about it now.. really..not only the above reasons but,the obvious truth is, he/she DOESNT WORTH IT and why the hell many people still dont understand this?not like he/she is gonna come back after you commit suicide..and like another friend of mine said, if he lived long enough after this,he could have figured he was stupid doing all these..


i thank Him for holding me and pull me back into the circle..i admit if it was not the religion,i could have done this so.really. and it’d be such a sin.


i even stopped or held back on sharing all these love notes on FB..mainly becoz i felt,what’s the point?so what do you actually learn through it?each and everyone is just you expect if you abide by all the said rules you will get what you want? basically yes,but dont forget he/she is still a human,a person,a unique person. if you’re so keen,why dont you just get a psychology/sexology self-help book?..

[and to YOU,if YOU still believe it,YOU’re so damn naive i am not holding this sentence back yes.]


on a lighter note,BUSY life recently so forgive me if i’m not replying you anything. super busy,be it major or minor.

good thing is,it pulled me off those nasty lil emo thoughts.

[and that explains why i only blog NOW,holding my achoo and sleepy-ness back.]

Major is,busy building my ‘career base’ (which,by the way,involves wasting half a day filling in forms with tons of info,attachments,and miscellaneous verifications that nearly made me slam my stuff on my table)

Minor is,busy fulfilling tasks and appointments.

ah,which reminds me i have to do data-entry job for my dad. T_____T *tragic*

oh but actually i just got back from brunch with Big Bro and lil Sis =D went to Old Town (the REAL one ont he street) for fried noodles and then Jelapang for rojak. ‘siblings’ being ‘siblings’,so much fun LOL..

and that explains why NOW im truly sleepy~~~~~(and it’s raining now..)

=_____= so, off to my bed..

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