Monday, 6 December 2010

My Little Blue Baby Adventure

i dont know what got into me coz i drove from:

home(30mins)grands’ house(30mins)home(15mins)Jusco(5mins)home(5mins)pasar malam(5mins)home

[well,that’s like,basically saje =D]

now my little blue baby is in good condition already,i can move to anywhere by myself =D and when i drive i feel so powered XD and i have totally no problem driving a new route anymore! ummmm..smell of freedom eh!

i think i’ve been driving within residential area for..1 year plus?and gone out to major routes for..almost 1 year?

ha! anyway, yay!

and and!

i found that i can actually shop in the new sunday pasar malam here for my clothes! i believe it’s the www that brought trends to everywhere in the world that is ‘connected’,coz i actually saw some real trendy pieces as from what i saw from online mall! *hint Jipaban* as well as many basic pieces that i really need to buff my wardrobe!

[previously i refused to shop in the pasar malam here as the pieces would be so outdated,when i go back to KL i’ll hit Times Square for the cheap intersting deals,ya call me cheapskate whatever you want but it worth it and it’s nice!]

so anyway, yay2!

all thanks to my little blue baby =D


p/s: by the way saw the corporate social responsibility programme (called CSR) by Tambun Lost World from The star glad these corporate bodies are giving back to the society,shall continue it whether or not it was compulsory.=)

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