Sunday, 5 September 2010

a lil jap kinda leisure..

so banked in the cheque and fixed the line..thought of buying the mooncake but then didnt turned out so..


so went ahead to buy sushi and KFC hot&spicy nuggets for Doraemon movie session..glad for the enjoyment..=)


oh talk about outing, while waiting for the Hot&Spicy nuggets to be done, the cashier gave us each a cup of soft drinks =D



isnt that warm or what? now that’s really some PR and customer relation thing. =p


i know life can be very hard..but, isnt it a lil too hard? but anyhow, i dont worry about it that much now..i kept telling myself, doesnt matter, coz when the time comes, i will do what i have to hesitation, no regrets.. (since it had  more than enough time and reasons for it to be so) maybe i can say, the routes are clearer now =)


so what’s next? =) Piranha ??

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