Thursday, 2 September 2010

im abusing my blog T_T

yea i guess im abusing my blog T_T coz rants are just so blah.

but aih you know when nights are the times where chances to get emo suddenly is that high. (especially when you’re alone) =_=”


my life recently was like a roller coaster, you see.

i can easily get emo when the button is hit (if you get what i mean).

just for this morning the ‘button’ was hit, like how i was so tangled and frustrated..

but soon after that, i told myself, i must think positively..feel positively..and be positive!

ooooh and soon after that i saw something which made my eyes pop out to the size of a ping pong ball 0.0 gleaming glistening and whatever.

i quickly pulled Hazel over to check it out..(that fella got so shocked thought she was caught MSN-ing LOL you better pray MSN wont get blocked lor or i will kill you!!)


and then i High-fived her LOL! XD coz the ‘evidence’  just made me soooo happy!! then i kept telling myself to be more positive hahahahaha! XD yea like those will help..prayers =)


that’s why you see my tweets are all the similar things on the word ‘positive’ i was insane =_=

[nah now you see why rants are just blah but whatever HAHAHAHAHA]

p/s: im now physically living with the watermelon frost coz of my beloved ulcer..argh..or you can say eco-ly: co-habitat with it. or more romantically: kissing it. urgh. but than Buddha it worked. =p

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