Monday, 6 September 2010

Inception II ?????

okay, to be really frank, NO, it’s not about Inception the movie but very much related about Inception.

recently, i was in a condition where every time i sleep (even a short dozing off), i will have dream/dreams that ‘feature’ some ‘fictional’ problems or dilemma which i will have to face and solve..but before i get to ‘solve’ it i was jolted awake by the frustration and followed soon by tiredness..

=_= what?somebody is trying to ‘incept’/’extract’ something into/out of my mind? =.=

isnt my life bad enough?urgh..




the signs are telling me not to give up and be positive because what i’ve wished for is coming soon..but what i see is different from what i wished..(erm..well..there were some signs that show what i wished…..whatever..)

so i decided to take a nap and ‘dream-think’ it (you know, since the dilemma visits my dream so often now =.= *sigh*)

and i woke up feeling…..just follow my plan..nothing more to worry or think about.. =.=”

it’s like this, after some sleep the feeling tend to leave you somehow, or at least improve a lil..i know this is true for some

ah..bed is my big T-shirt and shorts..with all my babies..=p

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