Wednesday, 1 September 2010

crap and non-crap,yea..

crap: thought of blogging for Merdeka day and the Private Affair, but then, did NOT happen. =_=”


non-crap: (less crappy i guess) had the Pizza Hut birthday dinner, which was pretty full.. =0=”  i was almost in a very difficult situation to walk and i kept silent-burping (excuse me..but yea you wouldnt hear me doing that hahahahaha) all the way after the dinner til home =.=”

okay sorry i should stop these unappetising topic..


erm so, as people say, as you grow older, what you ask for (like presents??) will become less..erm i did make a birthday wish in front of the ‘cake’ (ahem)..but wondering whether it will realise?haha..probably what i asked for is too..erm..let’s just say, priceless? haha..


ah enough crap..g’night peeps..


p/s: argh ulcer..*sigh*..

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