Sunday, 29 August 2010

OMG!! what have i just done?? =O


i’ve..i’ve erm..

sneaked back into my F6 alma mater ..

i know..such a dangerous and crazy act which can post a message to people and say: wah like that can lor, anybody also can get into any school lor?

T_T okok im sorry..

but we were just being a lil too obsessed with the nostalgic memories when we were near there after PCK the Movie (yup!)..

[oh had some nice japanese food in the food court tho..teehee!^^]

so we took quite a number of photos depicting the ‘Grown Up’ us being in the old classrooms and quite a number of nostalgic spots..which only we ourselves can understand..





actually the guard was just behind us!! i think she was unsure of catching us or not coz i tied my hair into a pony tail (yup! i know!) and i was wearing sneakers and polo-T and jeans, so much like a F6-er! LOL! XD



ah..nostalgic..the special F6 block..the lunch boxes..the FREE period (yes no kidding, when you only have FOUR  but very HEAVY subject to study..)..the prefects’ room..the church..and the hot spot opposite: Ipoh Parade..(i know..LOL!)

probably at some point in your life you might share this part with somebody else in your life and say, this is my alma mater..

[and then had a nice movie+ instand noodle(with luncheon meat and egg!) session..with ‘The Myth’ showing on the TV! hehe..]

ok time for lunch~hakka style braised pork and yam!^^

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