Saturday, 14 August 2010

a surprise indeed..


so today, there was this PR job (actually more like overall event stuff but yea)

i actually prepared my attire last night along with the black stocking (i dont have leggings)

and this morning, have no idea what luck i was in, the stocking was spoilt =_= i think its the stupid hanger’s fault. *ahem*

so i have no choice but to wear slack.

when i check the time its already late,so rushed to the scene only to do make up @ the toilet there (ops..)

oh but before that,  i also made the exit at the wrong floor..+_+ why does an M floor exist?*ahem* no idea. i was just told ‘first floor’.

and as i was wondering which banquet hall they booked, i saw someone..who ‘wasnt’ supposed to be there…..

guess guess!!












it’s him!


i know! cant even imagine that!

i was like: why, on, earth, are, you, here?? (he’s from Klang)

LOL! XD…..


and as we carry out our job, i said to V: it’s the old job again..haha!

we have been in three or more ‘sessions’ of Uni Orientation Programme’s jobs, doing ushering and stage stuffs, and some sessions we were involved in two events! and yes!  the same formal dress code! hehe!

like this:

P130810_09.51 P130810_15.40


OMG <3 !

anyway, was a lil awkward coz was called just to ‘help out’..have no idea who to stick to and all..

so after ushering (and a LOT of smiling) and lighting (OMG yes i do a lil of the lighting LOL!), i was out in the reception area feeling hungry but lucky coz guests seemed to have filled all the seats and i dont need to chip in to ‘entertain’ them.

mana tau, got dragged by that fella (and another head) to join a table. =_=” i tried to hide but to no avail. thanks to YOU!

Ms A was like:[command] sit..sit! go! sit!  T.T

so i just ate a lil and excused ourselves then rushed off to the interview room to help out.


but on the way home i got soaked =_= aih..

but yesh! happy with ‘temporary’ event management! hehe..

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