Sunday, 15 August 2010


its only when you start working that you feel the significance and importance of in, whoever kacau your lovely weekend plan/prog will be immediately executed, i mean, depending on the issue which kacau you tho..LOL!

ops,sorry..have been insane since long LOL!

okay anyway yesterday went for some makan and movie session,watched The Last Airbender which is not bad, but its only the water nation chapter =.= hmmmm..

and then today, made these:

P150810_16.16  P150810_16.16_[01]

ah failed,seriously..=( but they HAVE the ‘look’ and ‘shape’ ..




well was day dreaming when i suddenly remembered a former housemate’s (in fact, very very former =_= )saying..

he was in the living room and was telling me, what you’ve done to a person, it will be repaid on you..whether sooner or later..whether you stole it, taken it, or hurt the person.

and that, is when he was getting  THE ‘paid back’..imagine that..=_=

i’ve always said,karma..

i know i kept to myself alot lately..i seriously dont wanna say anything before something is solid or can say im shy,a coward or anything..but im not gonna say anything least not now..seriously distraught..

but i will do what i think i have to do..



aiwei said...

The bento is sushi??LOL I don't mean they are irrecognisable hehe.

Why are there 2? another one for the mr right??i am such a busybody.

ViViEnNe said...

erm haha yaya..