Wednesday, 11 August 2010

before i forget..

yesterday and today,i went to apply ABC @ DEF , AGAIN..

and this time, the guard did not block me for questioning as i guess, its THE season so everyone was going in and out there..of course it must be the innocent faces like mine xp (excuse me..)

anyway, i got the form for ABC yesterday. when i thought i could settle it and hand it in there, i was shocked by i had to go back and ask for my parents’ assistance..

the thing is,you ask me to give a copy of my IC, ok.

then why do you still need my birth cert or surat beranak? =.=” lah..HOW OLD AM I?? i have a blue MyKad means im a Malaysian and my parents are Malaysian/married in Malaysia/born in Malaysia lar..=.=”” and you can sure check out my data (like how heavy i was or what time i was born and where =.=”””) in Jabatan Pendaftaran’s database if you suspect me kan..


then asked me to provide a copy of JPA’s recognition letter of my IPTS (private Uni/Colleges) course. i then asked the girl yesterday, what was it. she said, dont know la..i think its the offer letter of xxxxx. ok. so i even photocopied the letter of admission and conferment of degree..when i reach to hand in the form today, then only i got to know, i have to go to MQA’s website and print out the details of my course along with its approval status. you guys sure remember the days when the lecturers were so kan cheong with the interviews of us kan? that’s it. then again, why,cant,you, just,go,check,it,out la! aih…..i also can access you cant meh?? =.=


the thing is, the girl working there also cant tell me what exactly is that thing..aiyo, same when i ask the McDonald’s waiter: erm, is the promotion still on? he didnt even say ‘dont know’ and just motion and asked me to ask the counter. =.=” oh, so that’s how you answer or serve your clients/customers la? you work for that you dont even know how to answer your clients/customers enquiries..adoi..



ANYWAY, i handed it in..and i got a Cow-ing Town..Menglembu la..haha..

went for lunch there..@ 钻石咖哩粉 (erm i think the shop’s name is diamond curry noodle?)

had their famous curry noodle there although they also have many other varieties of noodles(like laksa and etc)..i picked yellow noodle, the sengkuang pastry (my fav ok!), the fried fu chuk (soya skin),meatball and the stuffed and fried toufu..

it was just nice, tho not to the extend i exclaim here but yes, it was nicely done with their Chinese styled curry. (the watery bland kind)


the more surprised was the Iced Red Bean (recommended). i was actually half forced to order that although i thought of ordering a more clear kind of drink coz i was thirsty and hot. when the drink reached our table, it was more of purplish/dark rose coloured red bean ‘paste’ with snowy ice, apparently also layered with some evaporated milk. (the famous malaysian susu sejat)

one sip of it, OMG! it was just, a prefect combination! and its more fragrant i guess they added the dried mandarin orange skin inside. yum yum! and it was not too thick as i worried (i wanted more WATER!) but i did drink alot after i got home..heheh..

oh yea, picture =( coz was busy eating!! heheh!! really nice..when’s the next huh? *hint*

[my blog is so boring without pictures..=_=]

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