Tuesday, 3 August 2010


recently, especially this past 7 days..

it was really wrong..very wrong..super wrong..






coz i ate too much FAST FOOD..=.=”

let’s see, using free wireless @  KFC, so,yea, KFC..

then, surprise McD supper ( by ‘surprise’ i really mean ‘surprise’..)

then KFC variety bucket coz grandma decided to be generous after the 4D/TOTO thing =.=”


i think of all the major chains i only left out PizzaHut and BurgerKing near here (yes i miss Domino’s..hope can have it from the tour soon) =.=”


wait..let me check my waist……….






*gasp* *hand cover eyes*


> _ <

not to mention all the SUGAR,SALT,and FAT in it.

i hope i dont need to visit London Weight Management or sort..or maybe the Hospital..(obesity,hyperglycemia,cardio diseases, hypertension,LDL more than HDL..ahhhh,lovely stuff..my biology is coming back to me~~=.=” )

so today’s lunch is Otak-Otak and bean sprouts..and im learning to make those cute Japanese Bento..

first try will be Seaweed Doraemon =.=

hmmmm..trial was ok..lets see how it goes..


BY THE WAY, do you all know that 23rd aug would be the..erm..

Chinese/Lunar Calendar’s 14 of the Seventh Month?you get what im trying to say?


omg..should not go out at night as it is already that month, means THE door is slowly opened.. *gasp*

OMG of fast food poison,my waist and the seventh month,all the scary things =.=

p/s time for some Zespri Kiwi yumminess..(^.^)v

p/p/s: NO this is not an advert post,have not done it for such a looooooooong time =.= I hope NuffNang can give me one which i CAN do to let me earn stuff too..

p/p/p/s: by the way, why dont i have Churp stuff to do yet?

p/p/p/p/s: CHURP CHURP is giving rewards to those who invited the most friends to join Churp! so pleeeeease join and put my name as the one who recommended you! (well if you do happen to know this from here lah ok) just key in my Facebook /Twitter name when they ask for it.^^

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