Thursday, 29 July 2010



and never worked =_= it was cacat..

so i connected to another unsecured wireless network..


[yes, no makeup…..]

aiyo no choice lo, blame it on TM coz processing our 4mgps like snail..

but then it also provides the wireless for HERE right?okok fine.

[please accelerate the processing of  my 4mgps..please please..i promise to do a good adv for you > _ < ]


BY THE WAY! i read TheStar today and got to see these two pieces..

about Jho Low  (click link, must must must must must read!) and  also  a monster/beast.

gosh raping a student in front of her the school now school bus is not safe as well? talk about cabs!


and OMG..Jho Low is just too lucky isnt he? i wished i’ve been so too! *dreams*

(erm maybe if i’ve been in KLIA’s air port cafes using free wireless now..hmm..maybe some handsome, charming and nice tourist guy just walk past and erm…..*continues dreaming*)


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