Sunday, 29 August 2010

Baju Raya??



just make Baju Kebaya (two sets of them!) for the sake of my work/job.

so the other day, went to Nagoya for the fabric first..

you know when people say it is always tedious to make/get traditional clothes done..and it’s always better to be tailor-made/specially tailored for oneself..unless you’ve got such ‘standard’ figure you might be able to get a good fitting one from the boutique..

[yea talk about that,it’s the same for your blazer,no?i dont have one..but i’ve got a stretchy jacket which looks like a blazer LOL!]


so after much choosing and picking these are mine:

P280810_11.26 P280810_11.27 P280810_11.27_[01]


the uncle said the green/blue batik is the modern and hot-selling piece =_=” and those ‘typical’ batik patterns you see are outdated..=_=”

oh and i picked the purple set coz looks nice =D and the top fabric is sheer! LOL! nyeh nyeh..


so after about 70+ for the fabric, =.=” it’s time to be sent to the tailor, my grandaunt to make it into beautiful kebaya(s) ^^


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