Tuesday, 10 August 2010

of Fasting and Ghosts (not related!)

it’s tuesday.

if im not mistaken tomorrow would be the official start of fasting,right?

anyway, Selamat Berpuasa!^^

(i thought of writing this post in BM but i guess not =_= dont wanna embarrass myself..*pout**point fingers*)

oh ya, just remember ask me to buka puasa/bersahur together..LOL! (erm no la..just kidding..*shy shy*)



so on sunday, i finally gave out the Doraemon package..haha glad that it was all smiles and happiness..and bliss..

even more surprised was getting the ‘Penang’ package from the old folks..they remembered me actually LOL! (i think coz i bought them gifts during CNY and when i got back..) so happy! though it was just nutmeg in syrup,nutmeg juice and angku, it was priceless to me and i was just so happy at that moment! ^0^v



and yesterday, when we went out to pick up dad, we talked about the *ahem* when my brother was camping in Ulu Chepor =.=”

aha..those of you in Kinta Valley should have heard of this ‘famous’ camping place..and you sure know what’s in store..

so he said, they, yes, they, not he, met TWO..=.=””

once was just in the middle of the road (the road leading to the camp side,which is very narrow and surrounded by trees and all =.=)

the other one was just outside the camp =.=

i asked him, what were ‘they’ doing huh?he said, nothing..=.=””

the teacher actually saw it as well..but for those who are frequent/active in camping/jungle tracking activities should know well how to deal with these..

so the teacher said, no photo taking at that moment..=.=

first thing first, dont be as panicky like my mum =_= who says should shout..


just act as normal!! i explained, basically we’re of two different worlds kan, so basically we are unable to make contact kan?(minus the mediums)

so imagine, if you shout, means you SEE , and you think one who has been lonely for such a long time would not find someone to ‘play’ with?? =_=”

and, those loitering around ‘here’ most probably have some wishes to be fulfilled or need help..you think one would lose such a chance?? =_=””

and ask my father or brother..they would tell you the looooong stories of what and whatnots in the events of..*ahem*..

and of course, i myself have heard tons of these ghost stories which i think i can also publish a book (or make my blog like an archive, like it is not yet now =.=” )

but,yup, back to earth!! always , i guess the major religion streams in Malaysia dont ask us to look at the eerie side, they ask us to be grateful and remember them who gave us this world now, as we would one day give to our future generation..like 感恩



p/s: Mum’s recipe today: Spice Stuffed Ikan Cencaru! woohoo!

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