Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Vivienne drove!! [part 2]

well..its the 5th day since i was back in Ipoh so decided to go out for some personal adventures since no one fuss me bout fixing my car ..yet..

(by the way , really, if you see me on the road, please, GET FAR FAR AWAY FROM ME!! IM DANGEROUS!!)

so after a lil planning i went out..

all was fine until..






eh?why is it not turning back into the road that i was supposed to go to?? ~!@#$%^&*() wrong turning la..

who ask you to turn when you’re not supposed to..

ok fine.

after some u turns and what not,

i was back to the lane even without me knowing!!

ok fine fine!

so follow the road and turned into Buddha knows where.. i on the right road?

ok ok, yes yes. i know that building. yes.


so , ok. straight ahead.

after round-about and turning in..

ah! the road!


erm, wait, which lot was it again??


after some asking to kind strangers (coz my phone was low in battery already can you imagine that?! shh!!)

i was more sure and i drove, planning to pump some petrol.

~!@#$%^&*() card prob =_=

luckily i was in a petrol station with ATM. (ok ok i know!! shh!!)

im determined already!!

so i paid and pumped petrol. and then…..

well, i missed the timing so should i pay a visit??

after some asking to kind strangers again i decided to ‘roll’ around since im not in a rush..

mana tau,

i really found it. =_=”

eh, so now, you can say im geng la right?? hmph!

im capable of surviving!!

by the way, who on earth turned the roads in Ipoh to be so..complicated?! urgh!

but then a lil sad tho..couldnt pay the supposed- a-surprise visit and got some nagging..

but dump it aside, its too much even for a heartache and i just slept it off once i got home..


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