Thursday, 8 July 2010

<3 to <3



this would be a booooooooooooring post..=_=

well actually before this i was gonna talk bout parents nagging COZ I JUST GOT ONE MYSELF *grumpy face*

but well, you know you got it through as you grow up and you know your parents are just nasty on their mouths but not in their hearts so yea you just know what to do to keep them happy so settled.


[now before you continue, this is seriously NOT about me being personal ,mind you , im just being general and stating it very factually,logically,practically. end of story.]




i’ve got a real <3 to <3 issue..


well its just not about me but a real factual thing to think about (oh that rhymes doesnt it?)


so i saw two things, actually..

one, is being that

the one whom you love, might not love you;

the one who loves you, might not be the one whom you love;

but the one whom you will be marrying, would neither be the one whom you love or loves you, but could just appeared at the right time..

(oh wow i can translate so well *self-boasting sheepish face*)

this is so. so. so. so. so. saddening kay?

aih..this is actually a quite well known saying (dont know from who)..but my friend said its also about oneself, whether he or she chooses to give up or to hold on dear to, if you treasure him or her so much..


then came the second one,


girls generally mature earlier than guys..

so being together at the same age actually poses dangers like the girls would have been thinking about future in uni years while the guys just wanna have fun until they start working.

so it seems they chose to ditch and get new sparks in their life. long term gf then is boooring to them. by that time, the guys learnt how to tolerate from the ex(es) and treated the girl well..and then soon the time comes for them to build a family..

and so they say its like a school for the guy whereby they ‘studied’ and ‘graduated’.

OR, somehow they just regretted they lost that girl,that girl has already married some stable guy by the time they realise their gems within. (okay dont think the other way round!)


arent that saddening as well?

this also depends whether the girl or guy decides to hold on to it..which, is so so saddening-ly rare.


well sometimes you feel like slapping your partner (or in other cases, yourself) questioning why would they wanna leave you this long-term-plus-WAS-going-to-get-married bf/gf? but well, timing. (as they like to say)



gosh, again, who on earth made this love thingy so complicated??


okay end of story for tonight.


(psst!..they say FIFA Finale is on

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