Tuesday, 6 July 2010

I have a Pet

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so i was visiting Baby Valentine in Pet Society one day ,after sooooooooo long.. [sorry baby =( ]


while i was waiting for Pet Society to load , i remembered what i did when the line was slow..(you know the ‘loading’ screen which gave you much frustration?)






what i actually did was..i raised both my hands,

put them together like i was holding a big bottle of water,

then imagined that i was pouring water into the loading panel so that it could load faster..=_=”

now you got it?

you see, the loading screen for pet society was reaally cute..

it was like a fish tank..and the ‘loading’ water was sending ‘waves’ to let us know that..well..the line IS functioning..and TM IS working..



see that? yup..no wonder.. ‘Playfish’..


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