Friday, 9 July 2010 …..



so this morning, dad said gonna bring me to abc office to apply for def..

and so we went..

when we reach there (after my dad’s perfect reverse parking skill which i still havent acquire , ahem)

we told the guard (yea, guarded, like very very well guarded)

that we want to apply for def.

she told us: oh, sekarang semua dah online dah. sini tengok.

i went ahead and read the notice.

ok fine i was not well-informed ok lor. so its online now huh.

then as i continue reading,

it says, print out a hard copy of it (ok lor, reasonable) PLUS a soft copy in a CD (i immediately sweat as i copied this =_=” ) and hand it in. (question mark).. (question mark)..



i wanna hentam my head somewhere edi.. =_=”””””

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