Wednesday, 14 July 2010

some embarrassing and sensitive stories


NO NO! it’s not about me but yea, related to me somehow *ish*



is suuuuuch an embarrassing and sensitive topic to talk about on my block (blog).

it’s about that .

you see, for the past two days, a friend has been showing me these news of some immature teenage girls (yes, by teenage i mean 13 to 16 probably?) posting their own nude, no i mean, naked and real sexually provocative  pictures on the social media / sites.

yes you heard me right.

they did.

when i first heard and saw these i was like, EFFFF..=.=”

okay, i know there are porn stuff out there and all, so whats the big deal with their sexually provocative or even their naked pictures?it’s a free world anyway!some even do it for their beloved bfs. (majorly)

the thing is, okay, i dont mean to be offensive.really. really la!! (later you’ll know why i say it’s an embarrassing and sensitive topic to talk about on my blog.)

they..were..not..well..covered. *hand covers eyes*

by not well covered i mean, no makeup, well not that make up is a must but, they didnt make themselves presentable. *eos* (i should have said, that is then , not even ‘sexually provocative’.. =_= get it? )

one took photo at her house’s bathroom. the other showing her bra and all in front of some unknown mirror. *swallow saliva*

can you imagine that?

the girl even said, quoted: “im not like other girls, who are scared to post their naked pictures up, whether the breast big or small. now that ive posted it up, if you want more, contact me. my phone number xxxxxxxxxxx”


now you got that, without lecturing on what and what not to post on social media sites and all.


my friend once told me, i love to post stuff on the sites too


alot of them were/are camwhore photos. (okay, okay, the bomb, the bomb!)



i am not beautiful. no. am not.

that’s why all my photos are well-covered (literally and figuratively).

that’s why all my photos were carefully filtered.(now you know)

that’s why all my photos were meant for my close acquaintances only. (excluding my blog photos la)

and about point three, i have to say, beauty is really something very very x100000000 subjective. like, beauty lies in the lover’s eyes. so nobody is ugly.ever.

SO, to some people whom you know/close to, you are actually accustomed to their daily look. so it doesnt really matters to you about their outer look but more on inner beauty (hoho).


at least la you dont post your naked photos or photos of such ‘sexually provocative’ on the sites!  a simple question, WHAT IF YOUR PARENTS/family/people you know FOUND OUT ABOUT IT?! what will they think? =.=

adoi~~sickening la~~



okay lor now you wanna shoot me shoot lor. *hide face*


p/s: i found many of my friends prefer my nude face aka without makeup look. why ah?my makeup not nice meh? BUT, i know its something pretty hard to control/learn, i mean makeup, from red uneven lippie lines to carefully tinted balms and all. i wasnt good at it as well! but i learnt and i grew out of it. and at least i didnt do such embarrassing stuff lor..haiyo..*no eyes see*

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