Thursday, 15 July 2010

One fine day..


So, i was thinking of getting myself some stuff from the pharmacy this morning (trust me when i say i love pharmacies, *eos*)

i saw an Ad in The Star:




*gasp**hyper-ventilating* !! it was the Grilled Chicken Burger that i have been longing for!! there was this one time when they have the GCB ( Grilled Chicken Burger ) with the purple lettuce and onions and whatnots. but then after some time it vanished!! *grumpy face*

Now it’s back! (to me, hahahahahha!!!!!)


im so definitely surely very gonna get one in the weekend, or maybe tomorrow?? *thinks*

Then after that i changed and i…..



reversed the car out of my house to go to the pharmacy!! *gasp* =0

OMG werent that fabulous?

coz there was this car, kinda in a very dangerous position to my ‘reversing’ , get it?

and peple who know me knows my driving skills…..*hand covers face*

but anyway i DID IT!!

and just when i thought the ‘most happening street’ in my area would be of no parking, there were ample parking spaces =_=

probably because people just went off to work and didnt have a chance to sneak out for ‘clients’ or ‘brunch’ yet =p

so yea i bought stuff for my knee. yup.

i really have no idea how it got into me  last night=.=

i was walking upstairs after switching off the modem when i just..well..sprained my knee..maybe its like, sudden wrong mechanism or what =.=”

but then i thought it will go off so i slept, plus even if i buy a knee support from 24 hrs i wouldnt be able to wear would ‘suffocate’ my knee..=.=yes it does when you are sleeping or not actively moving..the slow of activities in your body would encourage the knee support to follow your rested anatomical condition and then proceed to get tighter on your knee,and same goes to any other form of these ‘supports’.


okay clueless of it or not, i bought a knee support for my knee.



i also bought some other stuff la of course.

THEN, i went home and that car was making me doubting whether i would be able to park into my house or not =.= i was going to just park outside and let my brother park again for me later (and that also need me to adjust umpteenth times =_=)

so anyway luckily my grandma opened the gate and i braved myself and parked it in =0 *applause*


THEN i finished my data entry stuff by 3pm like that =.=


at least its finished and i could focus on other stuff. =p



okay McD this weekend?? =D

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