Tuesday, 27 July 2010


denotes: DIET!!


yesterday was the first day..started slowly but surely..

then today, soup and rice and vege >.<

[cut sugar, oil and salt!]

argh! slimmer and  curvier  bodyyyyy~~ (tho i know my bust is erm..well..very pitifully destined/permanent..*sigh*)


by the way,

weekend was The Sorcerer’s Apprentice or something

OMG was nicely plotted! with the physics involved! (previously J.K. Rowling had a book explaining the magical phenomena which included legends and old alchemists stuff)

and the male leading character was as geeky as ever =.=

[and im never gonna have those badly done Japanese food in Jusco food court anymore, my goodness..=_=]


p/s: my Japanese self-revival course is erm..aih speechless..im just so dead on katakana..and i think its time to buy some old folks psychology reference books..=.=

p/p/s: pleeeeeease bless that TM will work our application super fast!! i need the 4mgps like, NOW!!

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