Wednesday, 9 December 2009

what i have been up to - part2

i realised i missed so many things @@

eventually he took me to the international book fair @ the mines.

that’s not all.

we had Nandos and watched fishes!!

and spent almost the whole afternoon there in the bookfair. luckily he likes books too =)

sweet ler…..

oh and the debate on whether to buy the sherlock holmes series =(

o yea, no makeup =(



look so pale right? =( pretending to eat the extra hot but actually i ordered lemon n herbs *pout* spicy is just not really my thing. =(((((


the enormous 0_0 cat fishes we saw in mines’ artificial river. they were fighting over thing McFlurry =_=’’’’’ argh..

but they are VERY FIERCE!!


geesh…..big and geli…..


me and my tiger =D wah… art-sy..

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