Thursday, 10 December 2009


went for the check up in HKL.

my mood was like ~!@#$%^&*() 


been there and registered and got my blood pressure (BP) and weight and height.

after some consultation/investigation, the doctor decided OCP (oral contraceptive pill) and pap smear.

my mood goes even worse.

i was like: what the hell?!

but i have no choice so i scanned and checked UPT (urine pregnancy test, uhuh, negative!)

and there comes pap smear.

the aunty was screaming. i was praying in my heart : you better make it as fast and as painless as possible.

and make sure im FINE!

i smsed bee and him: have to do pap smear, please wish me luck!

and i got in.

*censored* and its actually using a spatula to scrap and sample. as well as the cotton bud.

i suspect that the aunties used the metal one coz i used the plastic one 0_0 the metal one was a whole lot bigger. 0,0

i told bee: it was usual ‘intercourse’ without love and lust. =_=’’’’ orz


and she laugh some more. =_=’’’’’  *ok, private joke*


well, the result will only be out after two months… far everything shows fine.

so please, anyone of you who’s reading this, please pray for me and send some luck to me!! >  _  <


i then got my pills and oh, met an old schoolmate.

i rushed back since i have headache and i can sense the ‘fatigue attack’ is near if i dont rest soon.

i stopped by ktm counter to buy tickets for my parents, and yea, got scolded for buying expensive tickets =_=

fine. as if having to do pap smear is not bad enough?

but maybe the good point is that i can refund, so yea, fine.




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