Wednesday, 9 December 2009

what i’ve been up to

let’s see,


have been running errands , and it feels so frustrating when those little little miscellaneous  just can’t get to settle down.. *clutter above the brain*


so i picked one day and done it all.

ok. not all but most of it.


so i pulled myself out of bed around 9+. it was hard. havent been up early since finished school. *shy*

settled morning matters and we went to have lunch together. yes. lunch. =_=

then, got the ‘general physical examination’ done in the clinic. (hell, we even thought of going to the hospital and pay rm200 for all sorts of it! @@)

after visiting the school for some matters i board the bus and there i am.

reached dang wangi and found nuffnang office without much problem. and i got my prize =D wheee!!!!!


got the b.liv early bird prize! NUFFNANG IS ALWAYS THE BEST!! =p

i’ve got trio set of cleanser, pore serum, and moisturising gel, plus the off with those heads sebum gel, and THREE , freaking THREE MASKS!! XD

it worth rm200! =p

anyway,  i tell you, you have to salute me for that. (ok maybe im boasting, lalala . =.=


after that i walked a distance to monorail (dang wangi was putra) and board it to IMBI to Times Square to find a decent pair of heels for my work. 0_0

after more than an hour of walking on the making-my-feet-painful-and-broken-in-some-hidden-area-and-ditch-able pump,

i finally found one which fit my feet the best with acceptable design on the peep toe part. @@

i also bought a rm20 decent short (others were 50 and above@@) and my mum still nag on the shortness the next day when i visit!! > _ < gosh that wasnt even the shortess there!! urgh!

back to here, i walked down to the christmas tree at the ground floor to buy the christmas supplies.

see, so cute , rotating tree on the gift house =D



i set off around 5.30 pm on monorail and took the train back coz the baby will sure nag.

had dinner and decided to call it a day . didnt go to 100Y coz its too late and its raining, plus the baby wants dinner =_=


so anyway, all these errands in one day with the travellings. =O


i can still remember how i did my grocery and run my errands when i was in Yr1Sem1 0_0 and we always look for plans when we are off. so carefree!! >  _  <


so there, i went to my aunt’s house coz my parents is here. it matters so much when the three of us live so near. went there and had fun with the little ones and got myself free stuffs =DP081209_11.30


the youngest brother =D



with the emo princess =p



yea yea. free stuffs are nice~~~~~ XDP081209_11.26_[01] P081209_11.46

i got the shoe. sandal. its not fab but acceptable. but the thing is, its NYC Kids. LOL im wearing kids’ shoes!! blame it on my undersized feet!! 0_0


by the way, kids nowadays are so..mature huh..0.0

(entertaining elders are NOT fun though. =_=)

   brought stuffs back and rested after coming back from pasar malam =D huhu..walking pasar malam with him is sweet as well..


and today, did the christmas shopping. shhhh…..

ok, time to finish the stuff. wanna go home =)

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