Monday, 21 December 2009

of touching story of car and neurology visit~

today in the car, he jokingly said:

the car, probably knowing that  it’s gonna be sold, (bf’s mum is planning to sell it n buy a new car)

still wait til the day, and protected his young master’s life (and young mistress’ =p) for one last time..

the car has been loyally serving the master for so many years since small =(


and i dont know his fate now..~the end~


that’s his story of the car 0_0




we called up my aunt (millions thanks!!) and went to Ipoh GH’s neurology dept (specialist)

the doctor asked us to do different movement for well as pressing the back bone to check if there’s any nerve damage.

then, we did x-ray, where i told him, we’d have to do different weird poses for the x-ray shots = _ =’’

and yes we did.

holding the neck up so long…like last time when i was in another accident i had to do x-ray for my leg@@ and god knows how painful it is for me , the injured to do all those weird poses…


and soon enough, confirmed we have nothing with nerves or bone..

so it’s ‘soft tissue injury’..

lucky us!

after the dispensary for pain killers and rubs, we’re home =)

and we rested…*sigh* hope we could have hug longer =(

but he went home around 3+..and came back in the evening for the key =_=’’


that’s all for today..

p/s: i wanna have dinner with them!! > _ < tzk tzk..

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