Sunday, 3 January 2010

could be the most boring new year post ever!

okay, honestly, things werent quite right for the past month..til i could not blog anything..with pressures all over and the accidents and the whole havoc that follows..


i remained silent.

i dont wanna make more noise out of those already annoying scenes.

and i trusted *you* and my choice.

and things are looking up i guess..

car fixed (all clean and fresh and working!yesh!) and our efforts are definitely giving something..(well, dont belittle the power of love, although *you* or others might deny it..) but its between us anyway.


with things looking up, im sure it will be a better year! =)



p/s: start working soon! i need lucks and blessings and helps! >_< will all be fine!! yesh yesh!!


Jin said...

add oil add oil...giv u my luck and wish u all the best

ViViEnNe said...