Saturday, 19 December 2009

and you may wonder how bad it could be…..

before this, i went for training and met interesting bunch of people and had real fruitful experience..

then, we were happily (ok maybe just me) preparing to go home..joked around and all..


and just 1 more KM before reaching home, after the ipoh selatan tol..

i was checking my stuff before reaching home to make sure all is well..

when i look up, all of a sudden..he was shouting ‘oh!!’ and kept manoeuvring..when i started to panic..

the car was i dont know, according to him, hit, and the left side went to the thick wall..bling blang..=_= gosh..loud…

but i was still: oh not again on those scratches and bad mood..

then,BANG! the whole car got a mega shove (really nearly toppled) and we felt the back was badly hit..

i looked up again, glasses all over..the back was all crumpled up..he was stil sitting there i nearly wanna cry..but tears swallowed back in..

luckily he was still talking and all..

i immediately ordered him not to move an inch before i make sure everything is ok..i was always like that..

i got out from my side of door..

i looked and i asked him to get out from my side 1st presuming his side wouldnt work..

he came out, asking for his spectacle..

we looked, and found very very late later that it was thrown out of the car under the tyre.. =_=

he called his parents, came and was shocked of course..

we both were all wet already…

tears still in my heart..

one is panic,frightened..another is heartache seeing him..

then i realised my thumb was bleeding..i rubbed on my shirt and my shirt was the ‘bloody shirt’..

we talked about some of the things to take care, police and all stuff and moved our things to his parents’ car.

we reached the police station and i helped out, not wanting him to feel even worst ..

and they wanted to blame us..when we greatly suspect that all the fault was the car at the back..he was too fast he himself lost control..becoz we were driving at 60 and pressed the break for such a long distance already..

if we were at another lane, or whatever so we could blame..we wouldnt have been like this..

P181209_18.38 P181209_18.37_[02] P181209_18.37_[01] P181209_18.37

so anyway, the agent helped us settled outside without the RM300 fine(to us both)..

mega heartache moments:

1. when he asked me whether i feel ok, any concussion whatever..

2.when he got glasses all over..

3.when he desperately look for his life partner: his spectacle..

4. when he shivers out of the was raining like hell..

and his parents asked me to bath and dinner and overnight at their was so kind of them..

but i guess we were all still shocked and stuffy by all tha has happened..

i decided to go home, not wanting to ask fro too much and even though i sleep there, what can i do?i cant go to his room and sleep with him or talk to him til late night..(well unless his parents know already…)

so yea, home and going to rest..

p/s: i think buddha really blessed us ..we were all fine except financial damage for the car..and he actually complained that he was so edgy these two wonder he was so frust to me..and no wonder today.. =(

haiz…darlings..i really need to talk to all of you..but its such late night…

well…find you guys tomorrow..

p/p/s: great thanks to the towing agent guy (i think he is sincere =_= ) and encik azli, who seriously guided me alot in this time..i shall remember to repay him..

darlings, night!~

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